Cabinet Refinishing Services

Let's Renew Your Kitchen or Bath

in as little as 5 DAYS!

Our cabinet refinishing services are an affordable and beautiful alternative to a full kitchen remodel. We can transform your space in as little as 5 days (though actual downtime is just a few days).

Key Benefits of Cabinet Refinishing

  • Expert Process: We will use the right techniques and most up-to-date technology to give you a lasting, beautiful finish on your existing cabinets.
  • Less Expensive: Our refinishing system is a fraction of the cost of new cabinets.
  • Fast Turnaround: No more waiting months for special order cabinets. We can usually start your project within a month. Not only that, we can be in and out in under a week rather than weeks or months for a full remodel.
  • Unlimited Options: You are not limited to a manufacturers color pallet, any color is available with our refinishing system. Choose more than one color - two tone kitchens are all the rage!
  • Environmentally Friendly: Give your cabinets a fresh face and keep them in your kitchen instead of the landfill.
  • Two Year Warranty: We stand behind our work and products. We warranty all cabinet refinishing jobs for a two year period. We stand behind our work and products. We warranty all cabinet refinishing jobs for a two year period.

Our Cabinet Refinishing Process

We use an extensive preparation process, heavy bodied primer helps fill grain and block tannins, and a high-performance specialty coating to provide superior physical and chemical resistance. We turn your dated wood cupboards into beautiful, sleek solid color cabinets in any shade.


BEGINNING. We begin the process by removing all doors and drawer fronts from your cabinets. We transport them back to our shop where we have a dedicated production space to clean, prep, prime, and spray your cabinets. Meanwhile, all you will need to do is clear your counter tops and make sure the items inside your cabinets are pushed back from the edge.

MIDDLE. We will alternate between coats on your doors and prepping your space and cabinet boxes to be sprayed. Before we spray inside your kitchen, we will erect walls with plastic and ventilate the space with filtered fans to the outside. The openings in the cabinets, all counters, floors, walls, and ceilings that we are not painting and appliances will be tightly wrapped with plastic and/or paper for protection. After properly cleaning, sanding, and prepping your cabinet boxes we will use a sprayer apply 1-2 coats of heavy bodied primer to all surfaces, sanding between coats, and adding two coats of our furniture grade waterborne urethane acrylic coating tinted to any color you choose. The coating is specifically chosen to provide superior, long-term performance while still being low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and safe to apply in your home. The same process is used in our shop for the doors and drawers with an added hardener catalyst for extra protection of the most frequently abused items in the kitchen.

Cabinet Refinishing Services

END. On the last day of your project, we will reinstall all your cabinet doors, drawers, and hardware (this is a great time to replace handles for another quick/affordable update), tear down and clean up, leaving your space spotless and your cabinets looking factory fresh. You can begin using your space immediately after install, but remember the product has a quick 7-day cure time- take extra care opening and closing cabinets that first week.

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