Painting Contractor Lititz PA

Painting Contractor Lititz PA

At Key Painting & Decorating LLC, we offer a wide range of painting services to meet the needs of our customers. Whether you are looking for interior or exterior painting, we have the experience and expertise to get the job done right. We also offer a variety of finishes, including high-gloss, semi-gloss, and matte. We understand that not everyone is the same, so we offer various options for customization to fit your budget and timeframe. We also believe in working closely with our clients to ensure they're happy with the final product. We know that painting can be a significant investment, so we assure you that you will get what you want.


We offer the following services in Lititz, PA:


  • Commercial Painting
  • Residential Painting
  • Wallpaper & Border Installation
  • Cabinet Refinishing
  • Interior Painting
  • Exterior Painting


We also provide other services, including power washing and deck staining. We are committed to offering our clients the best services possible. Our staff members are highly skilled and experienced, and we only utilize the best tools and supplies.


Frequently Asked Questions:


How much is the painting service in Lititz, PA?

When painting your home or business, one of the first questions you likely have is about cost. At our painting company, we understand that budget is often a top concern for our clients. While we can't give you an exact quote without first visiting the property, we can give you an idea of how much our services typically cost. Several factors affect the price of our painting services, including the project's scale, the design's complexity, and the required amount of paint. The type of paint used and the number of coats your project needs can also affect prices.


How will my personal property be protected from paint?

After removing your fragile objects, all locations and remaining items will be covered with clean drop cloths or plastic sheeting. Shrubs and adjacent areas will be secured for exterior painting so that no indication of paint spatter or peeling paint remains.


What happens if it rains while you're painting my home or business?

We pay special attention to the weather and weather forecasts if it begins to rain while painting, especially exterior painting; we stop and return after it has dried.


What kind of paint do you use?

Higher gloss paints are frequently the best choice for high-traffic commercial buildings since they withstand regular washing better than matte finishes. While a higher gloss is more reflecting and can show surface defects, the finish also functions as a sealer, a protective feature ideal for high-traffic areas. Flat and matte treatments are often recommended for a less reflective and "quieter" look.


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